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The gold standard in Financial Wellness

A personal finance hub for your employees

The BrightPlan Financial Wellness CoachTM

Intelligent advice that’s a game-changer.

  • Calculates each employees' BrightPlan Financial Wellness ScoreTM
  • Provides personalized, actionable steps for employees to boost their score.
  • Gives you insight into your employees' needs through an aggregate financial wellness score calculated from anonymized employee data.

Goals-based planning for life

Help employees achieve their financial goals

  • Pay off debt
  • Save for emergencies
  • Plan for retirement
  • Buy a home
  • Education
  • Travel

The BrightPlan Smart BudgetTM

Let employees spend more time doing what they love, less time worrying about their finances

  • Delightfully simple and automated
  • Makes budgeting a breeze

Investment Advice

A personalized plan drives a personalized investment strategy

  • A specific investment strategy for each goal
  • Portfolio analysis and advice on all investments
  • Drive adoption of 401(k), HSA, and stock plans
  • Automate investing with a BrightPlan Investment Account

Track Progress

Give employees a view of their financial health

  • Regular progress reports on each goal
  • View accounts across multiple financial institutions
  • Net worth, cash flow, and transaction tracking

Insightful Analysis

Spending and investment insights to improve financial decision making

  • Spend smarter with monthly trends
  • Create and manage a budget
  • Check investment fees across all accounts

Education that drives Financial Wellness

Addressing todays' financial literacy gap

  • Personalized to each employee’s goals and stage in life
  • Tailored to your company benefits
  • Individualized planning and advice, delivered at scale

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Take the pulse of your employee’s financial wellness

Providing objective insights into the financial wellbeing of your employees, with actionable strategies for continued improvement.

Ready to help your employees become financially well?

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