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The minds behind the money

A team of experienced advisors

Our advice comes from close collaboration with our sister company Plancorp, one of the nation’s top Registered Investment Advisors. For over 30 years Plancorp has been planning, advising and managing investments for high-net-worth individuals and institutional clients.¹


Your digital financial advisor 

Now Plancorp's collective experience has been embedded in BrightPlan, giving everyone access to affordable fiduciary advice to reach their financial goals.

When choosing an advisor, it's all about trust. The three pillars of trust are philosophy, experience and certification. BrightPlan has an intriguing service offering in this respect.

Robert Merton

Nobel Prize-Winning Economist, Professor at MIT


A human touch.

Get professional advice

Sometimes, you just want to talk to a pro. That’s why BrightPlan combines the power of algorithms with advisors from Plancorp who've got your back. What can you discuss?

  • Stock options and equity incentives
  • How to convince your spouse that the Tesla is a good idea
  • Prioritizing investing for a downpayment, children's education, and other life goals

Plancorp by the numbers


Billions in assets under management

99% retention

Our clients stick with us


12 years of certification

Approved by the center for fiduciary excellence

36 years of experience

We've been around the block


Meet the investment committee

The BrightPlan Investment Committee built each portfolio as a team, combining the insights of academic research with decades of experience helping investors reach their goals. Rest assured knowing they meet regularly to review funds in each portfolio, dissect performance, and weigh the costs and benefits of potential enhancements.


Founder and CEO, BrightPlan

Marthin De Beer

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Marthin evaluated hundreds of Registered Investment Advisers across the United States when looking for the right partner for BrightPlan. He chose Plancorp after being persuaded by their evidence-based approach to investing, commitment to financial planning, transparent fee-only pricing, and focus on managing costs at every level. Now he works with the investment committee to implement their advice in BrightPlan for clients.


Co-Chief Investment Officer

Jeff Buckner, CFP®, AIF®

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Jeff is Plancorp’s Founder, Chairman and Co-Chief Investment Officer. He was an early adopter of our evidence-based approach. His commitment to putting clients first extends to our investment strategy. It’s why the committee regularly reevaluates asset allocation, rebalancing and investment management decisions. By drawing on Nobel Prize-winning research, the committee strives to find the best, most tax-efficient methods to help our clients reach their goals.


Co-Chief Investment Officer

Peter Lazaroff, CFA, CFP®

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Peter Lazaroff is the Co-Chief Investment Officer at BrightPlan and Plancorp and plays a key role in developing and communicating investment strategy. Peter has built a reputation as an educator by simplifying the complexities of investing and personal finance to help people make smart choices about their money. Peter regularly contributes to The Wall Street Journal and Forbes


Director of Portfolio Management

Stacie Carrabine, AIF®

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Stacie makes sure the Investment Committee's recommendations are implemented for clients. Every day she leads the investment and operations teams as they invest deposits, make rebalancing recommendations, and strategically trade. Passionate about community education, Stacie regularly presents to women’s groups on topics such as the time value of money, understanding the market, managing risk, and more.


President and CEO, Plancorp

Chris Kerckhoff, CFP®, AIF®

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Chris has worked with families and institutions for 20 years, guiding them to define their goals and formulating an investment strategy to help achieve them. His career has given him the opportunity to connect with some of the smartest financial minds in the world, learn from them, and share his unique expertise and experience. Now on the BrightPlan Investment Committee he is excited to help a new generation of investors to embrace a goals-based investment philosophy.

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