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BrightPlan is an employee benefit that helps you achieve your most important financial life goals. Let’s get crackin’

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  • Assess if you're on the path towards financial well-being
  • Check your retirement readiness
  • See if you have enough cash stashed for when life throws you curveballs
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  • Get on-demand digital advice based on your goals and life situation
  • Talk with a financial advisor when you need a boost of confidence
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  • Gain insight into your spending with monthly trend analysis
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Keeping your data secure

  • Strict access controls

    No one has access to your account credentials and BrightPlan never saves or stores credentials for your linked financial accounts.

  • Data encryption

    All your data is encrypted at rest and in transit. BrightPlan requires the latest TLS for authentication and encryption.

  • Partnering with the best

    BrightPlan leverages the cloud platforms of industry leaders to keep your data and account information secure.

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    Enhanced security features

    Keep your account safe with TouchID and Facial Recognition

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    Personalized alerts

    Timely notifications with spending insights and financial advice